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KS 2-4

Use the data in the article to make estimates about the road. The road is 417 miles long, how many kilometres is this? Estimate its surface area (consider appropriate units). Estimate how much material would be required to re-surface the entire road. 91 000 motorists pass junction 4 every day.

Based on this, estimate how much fuel is used per mile per day around junction 4?

Based on the travelling times in the article, what were the average speeds of the journeys described 1754, 1776 and 1818? What is the average speed today? How could you estimate the increases in traffic flows caused by concerts at Knebworth? The article states that Torness Nuclear Power Station generates 1 364 megawatts of electricity. How many Watts in a megawatt? Express 1 364 magawatts in standard form. Find out about "Fermi Questions", which involve using mathematical thinking to make intelligent estimates of quantities at http:iws.ccccd.edumbrooksdemosfermi_questions.htm Fermi Questions can be used with pupils from KS2 upwards and provide very effective motivation for developing problem solving skills.

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