Maths - Jubilee gems - Celebratory logistics

Victoria Grace Walden

Organising Jubilee celebrations can be a challenge, whether it is a local street party or a Jubilee lunch. Try these ideas from TES Resources to help pupils plan the perfect celebration.

What is it?

In Sunbury's Using and Applying lesson, pupils are given a list of foods required for a Jubilee street party of 22 guests, with the price per unit. They need to work out the quantities they will need of each foodstuff and how much it will cost. For an extension task, give pupils a smaller budget and get them to recalculate the cuts they need to make to ensure each person has an equal amount of food.

The Diamond Jubilee Mathematical Mysteries shared by laura.reeshughes includes three tasks for testing pupils' skills:

Beacons and bearings: Using bearings and constructions, pupils must work out the location of eight of the beacons due to be lit on 4 June.

Epsom Derby - who's your money on? Pupils use proportion and probability to work out which horse is most likely to win the main race at the derby, which the Queen will attend on 2 June.

Can Will and Kate make it on time? Using distance, speed and time measurements, pupils work out whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can make it from the Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral to Buckingham Palace in time for the balcony appearance on 5 June.

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Victoria Grace Walden

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