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Maths - Make yours a monster

The creators of social networking and edu-gaming site Moshi Monsters are now encouraging children to compete in maths quizzes through their new site Tutpup.

Tutpup has been described as a "great, competition and rewards-based resource for maths and spelling" by Learning and Teaching Scotland's games-based learning gurus.

With Tutpup, teachers can join free and set up a class code. Pupils can then be given that class code and use it to join. They do not sign in with their names, but choose an animal, colour and number which becomes their Tutpup identity.

When a pupil joins a class created by their teacher, the teacher can watch their progress as they compete with other pupils from all over the world in maths, algebra, times tables and spelling games.

Pupils can try their best to get onto the Hall of Fame, win awards for winning games and keep a record of their wins.

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