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Maths - Mathletics - it all adds up

Registration is open for an online maths competition which lasts a week and sees pupils from different schools competing against each other in real-time.

The Scottish Maths Champion 2009 will be the school that answers the most maths questions correctly during the course of next week.

The competition, which is free to enter and open to every school in Scotland, also awards prizes for top class and top student.

Students can choose to complete maths-based activities or enter into real- time maths races against other online players.

A spokesperson for Grangemouth High, runner-up in the "top school" and "top student" categories in last year's competition, said: "Our participation in the Scottish Mathletics Championship led to probably the most exciting week in school we have ever experienced.

"When I checked how we were doing at the end of the Monday, I was astounded - over 100,000 points. It then just took off. Pupils were competing before school started, at intervals and at lunchtimes."

Event organiser Iain Smith, national manager in Scotland of 3P Learning, said: "This is the second time an event of this scale has been held in Scotland. Last year was a thrilling occasion, which we want to make even bigger and better this year."

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