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Maths - Measures of inspiration

What the lesson is about

In this collection of Teachers TV videos, teachers demonstrate and discuss their most inspirational maths lessons.

Getting started

Kate Frood uses games to teach calculation. Year 3 (P3) plays "Four rolls to a hundred", where teams have to roll a die, then choose whether or not they should multiply the number by 10 to get as close to 100 as they can. In "Code breaking", Year 6 children are challenged to establish the value of the word table, once they have been given the numeric value of some of the letters.

For numbers, Year 5s create factor bugs to help them understand factors, prime and square numbers, and Year 3s discover there are some interesting patterns and relationships when writing down different times tables. Year 5s use a counting stick to help them improve their multiplication skills. It's a simple but effective tool which helps embed numerical understanding. There are also lesson ideas on measure for young children. Year 2s estimate the volume of water contained in different-sized bottles, while Year 4s make muffins using scales to follow the recipe accurately.

For data handling, one class of Year 3s turns data about their favourite school meals into a human bar graph; another collects data about time and uses a tardis in the class: children go inside to estimate when 30 seconds has elapsed. At the end, the data is turned into a graph on the interactive whiteboard. Year 4s are doing Olympic Maths, measuring and recording long jumps, high jumps and target practice, turning data into Venn diagrams and graphs.

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