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Maths - Resource of the week

Go the whole hog with top trumps

Take the boredom out of BODMASBIDMAS with laura.reeshughes' top trump cards.

What is it?

An adaptation of the popular card game. The cards are differentiated into red (easy), orange (medium) and green (hard). They feature characters from TV cartoons Peppa Pig, Family Guy and The Simpsons. Pupils must pick a characteristic by calculating the largest number on their card, in order to work out how best to defeat their opponent.

Who is it for?

Quick-fire revision across key stages 3-5. The game is a lively approach to a topic most pupils find dull. Craig Barton, TES maths adviser, says: "If some of these questions appear in a textbook, the students can't really be bothered... as soon as you bring a little competition in, they're absolutely desperate to get the answer right."

What else?

laura.reeshughes has shared a huge number of activities, from top trumps to bingo games. Check out her TES profile.

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