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Maths - Resource of the week

Two minds are better than one

The mathematically-minded often like to work alone, but working with others has huge benefits. The TES Resources group work maths collection includes a range of projects where pupils can swap ideas in their search for solutions.

What is it?

TES maths adviser Craig Barton has selected his top 10 group projects on the TES Resources website, including:

The wizard apprentice trials. A giant has kidnapped some sprites from the Palace of Britberger. Working through six maths puzzles as a team, pupils find the giant and rescue the sprites.

Pictionary. Three differentiated versions of the game. Pupils are given a card stating a maths term. Using only pictures, they must illustrate the term for their peers to guess.

Murder mystery challenge. Pupils use age-old tactics to follow clues and crack codes to discover who stole their chocolate. The winning team gets to eat the retrieved goods.

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