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Top Trumps

I used to love Top Trumps as a child (and I am using "child" in the loosest sense - my friend bought me a pack last Christmas).

The tactics, strategy, skill and memory that were required to ensure you captured the cards from your opponent were far greater than in the average playground game, and despite the influx of Xbox and PlayStation games, today's students still love an old-fashioned battle of wits. Laura.reeshughes has capitalised on this by devising a series of outstanding Top Trumps-style resources covering a whole host of important mathematical topics.

This one is concerned with the notoriously painful BIDMASBODMAS, and is differentiated by three levels of difficulty. I was amazed by how keen students were to ensure they had calculated 3 + 4 x 2 correctly when the price of failure was a lost Kenny or Buzz Lightyear.

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Laura has shared lots more Top Trumps resources for maths, covering standard form, percentages and directed numbers.

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