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What do Gollum, the new London 2012 Olympic stadium and the quest for sustainable energy have in common? They all involve the work of engineers. Engineering provides some of the most exciting applications of maths that impact on all our lives every day.

To highlight the importance and excitement of engineering, Plus, the free online maths magazine produced by the millennium mathematics project at Cambridge University, is running a project called Constructing our Lives, aimed at students aged 15-plus and their teachers.

Articles and podcasts

With support from the Royal Academy of Engineering, a TES content partner, the project brings you articles and podcasts on engineering - from the engineers themselves. From Jamaican steel drums and the London 2012 Velodrome to "intelligent" spacecraft and energy-efficient buildings, the material explores all aspects of engineering and just how much it affects our lives.

Check out articles like "Maths Goes to the Movies" and "Swimming in Mathematics" and the podcast "Stadium Maths" for a taste of what's on offer.

Go to http:plus.maths.orgcontentingenious-constructing-our-lives

There is also a free A3 poster. See: http:plus.maths.orgcontentposter.

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