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Money mum's financial five a day

In the continuing climate of economic uncertainty Gill Fielding, mother, entrepreneur and millionaire, has launched a petition to convince prime minister David Cameron of the need to teach the "financial five a day" to every child in the UK.

What is it?

A petition that suggests all children need to study:

- how to get, manage and monitor a bank account;

- how to understand, manage and control borrowing;

- how to budget money to last until next pay day;

- how to plan for the future and save;

- how to take responsibility for their own financial well-being.

What is it for?

Fielding wants to do for finance what Jamie Oliver did for food in schools. "I'm successful with money and have created that wealth myself from the gutter up; I know that it can be done," she says. As a mother she worries about the future of her children and wants to do something to help them and others to be independent and secure.

What else?

You can sign the petition for a financial five a day at

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