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Top of the topics

If you find yourself stuck for ways to make maths inspiring, the "top 10" collections from the TES maths panel, each focusing on a popular maths topic, can help. They include:

Mark Quinn's straight line graphs and coordinates: Google and Autograph projects, mini murder mysteries and a complete introduction to the topic.

Paul Collins' statistical diagrams: cut-up-and-sort cards, famous-faces Venn diagrams and statistical top trumps.

Owen Elton's algebra: quadratic expressions and graphs, analysing Angry Birds, bingo and changing the expression of monobrow man.

William Emeny's Pythagoras' theorem and trigonometry: a compendium of lesson plan packs, 3D visualisations, trigonometry treasure hunts and a mountain pile-up problem.

Colleen Young's negative numbers: Sumdog games, Nrich online problems, interactive whiteboard magic squares and a ping-pong plenary.

Laura Rees-Hughes' forming and manipulating algebraic expression: find a friend, memory games, catchphrase and classic Tarsia. Plus, substituting into expression and formulae: quizzes, board games, dominoes and CSI simulations.

Sharon Derbyshire's construction and loci: games with skittles, rocket drawing and investigating the London Underground.

Colm Lynch's area and volume: "Follow Me" cards, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and dominoes.

Damian Watson's angles: programming games, stick-men measuring, quizzes and a mini-whiteboard activity.

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