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Feathery functions

Catapulting small, colourful birds to win prizes might seem an odd activity for the maths classroom, but Angry Birds, now the most popular mobile-phone game of all time, has lots of investigation potential, as this range of resources demonstrates.

Angry Birds parabolas

Mrteachmaths's video and worksheets help key stage 4 and post-16 students calculate the equation of the parabola as the birds fly towards pigs who have stolen their eggs.

Angry Birds quadratic destruction

Liven up quadratic graphs with a lesson from alutwyche, which gets pupils to analyse the curve equations of the projectile birds.

Angry Birds maths game

Samdaunt77 takes the game out of the digital world and into the classroom with a board game to practise multiplication.

Angry Birds algebra

Visualise algebraic equations in another lesson from alutwyche, by getting pupils to work out formulas to analyse game scores.

Angry Birds plenary

Test pupils' knowledge by typing your own questions into andymorton1's quiz template.

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