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Maths - In the spotlight

Primary maths - Masterclasses

At Royal Institution primary mathematics masterclasses, children enjoy lively sessions that, through games, activities and investigations, develop their mathematical reasoning, problem-solving and communication skills.

What else?

These are sessions ranging from bubbles and balloons to stars and stripes, from juggling to jelly babies. Within each class, children can explore the subject individually and in small groups, with help close at hand. The children in a class usually come from a number of schools in the area, so it's also a great chance for them to make new friends. Examples of current masterclasses for key stage 2 include calculating colours, platonic solids, mirrors and angles and number shapes.

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about masterclasses in your area andor help organise a series, please get in touch with the Royal Institution mathematics team at The institution's website also has links containing resources for planning and delivering rich tasks in the classroom, created from (tried and tested) masterclasses.

What else?

Visit the forums to share your ideas for a maths masterclass for gifted and talented pupils.

Find all resources and links at

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