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Maths - In the spotlight - Numbers on film

Functions, numbers and formulae become movie stars in the new TES Resources top 10 maths videos collection.

What is it?

TES Resources maths adviser Craig Barton has selected his favourite videos on the site to use in the maths classroom.

What's included?

Mr Barton's Gapminder World Video Series. An introduction to the web service that expresses real-world issues, such as life expectancy, in statistical graphs. He also has a video series exploring the many online maths blogs.

The Monty Hall Problem. TES Resources partner BBC Class Clips presents Alan Davies and Marcus du Sautoy in a video exploring whether game show contestants' success is just a matter of luck.

Polygon movie, activity and quiz. An animated introduction to the rules of polygons from TES Resources partner BrainPOP UK.

Surds Interactive. A great revision video on the GCSE and A-level topic, contributed by jacksonator. Upload to your virtual learning environment to help pupils study at home.

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