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SPECIAL NEEDS ESSENTIALS FOR MATHS SERIES. Working with Numbers to 100. By Christine Brown.


SORTING AND RECORDING. By Linda Sibbons. Scholastic pound;5.99 each.

This is a new series of photocopiable materials for seven to 11-year-olds who need extra support for maths activities.

The activities in Working with numbers to 100 are organised progressively, although it isn't essential to follow them in order. Pupils can either tackle the tasks independently or with the help of a classroom assistant. The activities are stimulating, with well-devised games to support basic numeracy skills, including recognising number patterns and manipulating number bonds.

Some pupils trying out these materials particularly enjoyed the activities in the book which look at problem-solving and equations based on the theme of treasure hunting. They have to crack a code, share out treasure and design a treasure island.

Understanding Measures has sections on weight and capacity, manipulating money and working with length and time. All the activities have illustrations and are designed in a clear format with large text.

Sorting and Recording encourages children to offer a systematic approach to handling information. These materials would also be a useful precursor to help pupils learn to use spreadsheets and databases on the computer.

A good feature of this series are the "prompt cards", which reinforce mathematical lang-uage and help the child to complete the worksheets independently. They are designed to be cut out and kept, so they are available to the child as they work through the book.

Used thoughtfully these books will be an excellent resource for any primary teacher who is finding it difficult to find the time to produce extra materials for special needs pupils.

Nicola Jones is a special needs teacher

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