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Matt Buck's quiz

1 As George was toppled in Trafalgar Square, what was in the President's top pocket?

a A contract for Iraqi oil fields

b A mini Tony Blair

c A bible

2 What amazing discovery has the Prime Minister's strategy unit made?

a Ministers rarely read past the executive summary

b Pupil performance does depend on social background after all

c The Pope is Catholic

3 What condition was imposed on Michael Jackson's bail?

a A $3million bond

b No teenagers allowed in Neverland

c Not to go within 100 yards of a recording studio

4 What is Westminster's New Wave group?

a Seven Tories who signed an early day motion for a statue of the Clash's Joe Strummer (RIP)

b The all-party existentialist French film club

c A group of Labour MPs trying to draw Blair back to socialism

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