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Matters arising

A new book from Joan Sallis tells governors how to make a difference in their school. Governors Are People Like You, subtitled "How to be an effective governor", shows that you don't have to be an educational expert to do the job well. It stresses the importance of teamwork, taking a strategic view, representing the community and the need for monitoring and evaluation with chapters on how governors work, what their responsibilities are and how to be a good representative. It is available from the Advisory Centre for Education, 1b Aberdeen Studios, 22 Highbury Grove, London N5 2DQ (Pounds 6 including postage).

An 11-point nursery voucher action plan in Nursery Vouchers: a guide for governors suggests a strategy for dealing with the financial, admissions, curriculum and marketing implications. It warns that the impact on schools of income loss due to relatively small changes in numbers of pupils "will inevitably lead to a feeling of instability among staff". the author, Chris Waterman, education officer of the Association of London Government says: "The quality of the experience children receive at four will have an impact sooner or later on every primary and secondary school."

Governing bodies need to agree performance targets with heads and deputies as soon as possible, warns updated guidance on Staff Pay Policies from Action for Governors Information and Training and the London Diocesan Board for Schools. Written by Jane Arden of the LDBS it provides a complete guide to drawing up and revising school pay policies in the light of the latest requirements as well as practical advice to governors making pay decisions. Staff Pay Policies (Pounds 4.95) and Nursery Vouchers: a guide for governors (Pounds 2) are available from AGIT, Lyng Hall, Black Berry lane, Coventry, CV2 3JS

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