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Maverick strategy

I ENTIRELY agree with Debbie Davies when she says: "Entering simple data into a spreadsheet is overkill."

But, on the other hand, if children use a spreadsheet to analyse data from questions they have posed themselves, you are talking about something else entirely. Too often, the accepted outside view of "use" of computers in primaries, is seen as something to be gone through by numbers.

But once children use computer programs to make their own media, more exciting things happen. Yes, only a few eachers in this country are doing this - many of them mavericks. And many of these staff are increasingly leaving for industry; so there is yet another post to be filled, usually by a new teacher.

Teachers are wonderful managers - let's hope the New Opportunities Fund teacher training will go a small way to helping them develop children's potential to take control of their own learning.

Leon Cych

ICT co-ordinator

All Souls primary school

23 Park Hall Road

London N2

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