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Meaningless standards row

As the annual row over falling standards in education begins again, I have been reminded of last year's television programme, That'll Teach 'Em.

Pupils predicted to excel at GCSE were brought to earth as they failed to pass traditional O-level questions.

What struck me was that the syllabus and expectations have changed so much that this experiment resembles a farce. It is like teaching a child to speak German, and then giving them an exam in Dutch. Or training them for the long jump, then entering them for the high jump.

Completely new teaching skills are used to encourage new skills from the pupils. My exams, for example, required hours of memorisation, and faultless regurgitation. Pupils today are trained to analyse and think through problems.

Is it fair to take away the pupils' and teachers' sense of achievement by comparing their results to a system that has no place in our modern education?

Karen Stephens

Lidgett Close, Scawby


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