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Media - all key stages

* Deconstructing coffee advertising is not rewarding in itself. Explore how brand identities are established and maintained, look at packaging appeal, and possibly discuss gender representation. It is the missing data - the absence of information about the origins of the product - that is really interesting.

* Construct an advertising campaign to sell Fairtrade coffee. It's a challenge - look at sample advertisements at http:incommon.web.caanglaisactionindex.html to see the difficulties.

Published by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, this site also has an informative PowerPoint file, http:incommon.web.caanglaiswatchpres.ppt.

For more background information, try the Fairtrade Action Guide at www.peopleandplanet.orgfairtradestudent.howhelpft.php or explore Oxfam's Student's Guide to Fair Trade at

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