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Meet the new teachers

Age 44

Subject Third Year BA primary education

Came to teaching


"Nursery worker and then teaching assistant for six years."

Best lecture so far?

"It was about hydration, how our brain works and about giving children proper water breaks. That was really interesting."

Been a waste of time?

"I can't pinpoint anything. I took something away from every class."

Inspired by?

"Teachers I used to work with. One won Science Teacher of the Year two years ago and she was really amazing to watch."

Most absurd piece of educational jargon you have heard so far?

"Pedagogy and things like that. Learning about all the different ideologies was hard to start with."

What made you want to teach?

"It was a natural progression, as I had reached a point as a teaching assistant where I couldn't go any further. My own children are older now, which helps time-wise."

Best thing about university life?

"Meeting new people from different backgrounds. I'm one of the oldest on the course, but most of them don't treat me like a mum!"

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