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Meet the new teachers: from York St John

Age 24


Upper primary PGCE

Came to teaching from?

BA in French studies, British Institute in Paris, University of London.

What made you want to teach?

Previous experience as a part-time French teacher. I had initially thought about secondary school teaching but I wanted to be able to teach all subjects. I have a wide range of different interests including music and art and wanted to keep these interests alive through my job.

Best lecture so far?

Music. The lecturer is very approachable and the subject is practical and fun. We had a really good lecture where we read a poem about a train and put different sounds to it. In another one we were shown pictures and had to express them musically. It's great because we get to experience the subject as the children would.

Biggest waste of time?

Student-led seminars. We're given a new theme every week and you are given loads of information about it to read before having to give a presentation and lead a discussion. It's so time consuming.

Inspired by?

My French teacher at secondary school. He was quite strict and other people found him scary but I respected him. I think respect is important but I don't want to be too austere. You have to find a happy medium.

Most absurd piece of educational jargon heard so far?

Literacy clock.

Can't wait toI ?

Finish the course and get a job.

Best thing about university life?

I've enjoyed meeting other people and found the foundation subjects really interesting. I'm at college three days a week and on placement the other two days so I haven't found my timetable too hectic.

What have you done about job hunting?

Nothing yet. My husband is in the Royal Air Force so we won't know where we will be living yet until February or March next year.

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