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Meet the trainee

Age: 22. I've just finished taking part in a lecture on How Children Learn. It was scary to give a presentation to 130 of my peers, but I did it.

My interview outfit is a suit I bought in the sales two years ago. I hope it will be OK I'm really looking forward to having my own classroom where I can make history come alive.

I'm nervous about wearing my funky shoes. I'd hate to be the sad individual they giggle and laugh at.

I couldn't believe it when the bus broke down on a bowling outing when it was supposed to take us back to school. We had to have another game of bowls, shame.

My biggest fear is getting a job and having to get on with it.

I would like to work in South Wales in a school with strong views .

I'll probably work in a shoe shop until someone gives me a chance to show off my teaching abilities.

Wales is proud of its culture and heritage. I reckon this comes from learning history at an early age.

Allison Gray is studying a PGCE Secondary course in History at University of Wales, Aberystwyth and is on teaching practice at St Martin's Secondary School, Caerphilly

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