Meet the trainee

Sam, 25, from Buckley, Flintshire, is taking a BA (Hons) in primary education at North East Wales Institute of Higher Education, Wrexham

I want to become a teacher because... of the way I was taught. I had some excellent teachers at primary school but felt let down by some in my secondary school. I want to put something back and be more positive than some of the teachers I had.

The biggest inspiration at school was... Mrs Bradley, my Year 3 teacher. She was enthusiastic, made lessons enjoyable and was accessible to all. I struggled with maths but she helped me.

The most exciting thing that's happened to me so far is... having to do an assembly. It was nerve-wracking but exciting all the same. I'm not sure who was more worried - me or the children.

I can't wait for... my own classroom to be able to structure my lessons the way I want.

But I'm dreading... having no job to go to. You hear of so many horror stories about the lack of work available to people in our position.

I would like my first job to be in... an infant classroom, key Stage 1.

Hopefully somewhere local.

I'll know I'm a teacher when... I walk into class on the first day, have to start remembering all the names and then have to face the first parents'

evening - knowing the respect I'll command by being their child's teacher.

If I wasn't going into teaching I'd be... I was doing a drama degree so perhaps something along those lines.

This evening I'm... finishing off my English assignment.

If I were education minister I would... bring the foundation course in sooner than 2008.

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