Meet the trainee

Michelle, 24, from Birmingham, is doing a PGDE in secondary education at Jordanhill College, Strathclyde university

I want to become a teacher because... I enjoyed physics at school and I wanted other people to understand that it is not a geeky subject. I want to break down the barriers and let people know it is accessible.

My biggest inspiration at school was... the science department. They allowed us to do presentations and find things out for ourselves.

The most exciting thing that's happened to me so far is... being flung into a lesson not knowing what I was teaching or who the pupils were. Exciting but challenging.

I can't wait... to have a class from S1 to S 5 or 6 and watch them grow But I'm dreading... being asked questions that I can't answer.

I would like my first job to be... with pupils from different backgrounds, particularly those who don't get much support at home.

I'll know I'm a teacher when... I get leather patches on my elbows.

If I wasn't going into teaching I'd be... in the Navy. I'm in the reserves.

This evening I'm... going to the gym then drinking the champagne my boyfriend brought me.

If I were education minister, I would... try to make people appreciate the education system they have got.

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