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'Mega-merger' is really joint effort

I READ "Derby colleges plan mega-merger" (FE Focus, September 29) in the company of Clark Field, of Broomfield College, and David Croll. We were all surprised to read that "Merger man: David Croll, principal of Wilmorton college, is leading plans for a three-college amalgamation" and Broomfield and Mackworth only have "just over 10,000" students.

For the record:

the three principals are working together and the consultation is on a proposal for the dissolutionof all three corporations, not one where one college "takes over" the others.

Mackworth College has 12,639 students and entered the merger feasibility study at the invitation of the Further Education Funding Council.

The perceived bias in the article in the presentation of one personalitycollege has caused some offence to staff and students in this college, even if it was not intended.

Alan Harrison


Mackworth College, Derby

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