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Mention the war

I thought I had better put the record straight regarding Peter Ransom's lessons on the Dambusters' raid (TES, April 16). I understand why the German Embassy may be concerned, but I wonder if they have seen Mr Ransom in action. I was at the Mathematical Association conference in York last week, and I went to Mr Ransom's session. It was brilliant! I would like to reassure the embassy that it was in no way biased against either England or Germany. It was made very clear that, while the bombing was a morale boost for the English, Barnes Wallis (the inventor of the bouncing bomb) was very sad that his invention had caused so much devastation.

I have studied the Second World War in history, I study German, and I have discussed the war with my German friends. Why shouldn't we talk about it in maths?

David Imrie, age 13 4 Rio Drive Collingham Newark, Nottinghamshire

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