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Merseyside - Cheerleading added to timetable

A Merseyside school hopes to incorporate cheerleading in its PE syllabus after taking inspiration from hit US film High School Musical.

When Farnborough Road Junior School in Birkdale introduced lunchtime sessions of high-kicks, cartwheels and human pyramids, they were so popular that the school now plans to give them a regular slot on the timetable.

The school said the eight-week pilot gave pupils a major boost in confidence while increasing their fitness levels.

The sessions targeted pupils who were not interested in traditional sports, and a professional cheerleading troupe was called in to help increase their self-esteem.

Farnborough's PE co-ordinator, John McGlincy, said: "Those pupils who were quite shy to start with were very confident at the end, some going on top of the pyramid of cheerleaders."

But while the girls were enthusiastic about the sessions, no boys took part. RV.

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