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AS-level French: the vocabulary of debate

What is it?

Roozle50 has contributed a condensed range of activities, presented in a PowerPoint format and designed for interactive use in the classroom, based around developing debating skills and using vocabulary to structure personal ideas.

What does it include?

- A card-sorting activity that can be used to divide positive and negative statements, but also for students to select which statements they agree with, stimulating further conversation.

- A slide of visual images relating to modern technology to encourage students to identify, pair up and categorise. To extend learning, the game requires students to justify their decisions.

- A clear template for students to use to record and review their learning. This could also serve as a useful revision tool.

How can it be used?

To develop students' confidence in writing and speaking. It will help students put together more complex sentences, using reasoning, conjunctives and comparable ideas while developing their vocabulary.

What else?

Why not supplement students' discussions on new media by introducing them to French television and websites, furthering their cultural awareness as well as giving them real-life opportunities for reading and listening practice. Many such stations have free clips or whole programmes that students can watch at their own pace.

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