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Mice work if you can get it

Thought I might indulge in a spot of adult learning this year. Well, the nights are drawing in and, apparently, there's a skills shortage.

Ministers warn that, if us ferrets don't reach at least level 3 (A-level equivalent) by April 1, 2004, something very bad will happen to Britain.

With this in mind, I thought perhaps I should do some A-levels and, who knows, go on to get one of those "degree" things. After all, most politicians have degrees, and they are very clever people indeed.

So, on to the internet and the "new" Learning and Skills Council website at

There are seven areas to choose from, including the "Adult Learner" channel. This, and the "Young Learner" channel weren't ready when the site was revamped in July but the LSC said it was working on them.

Must be ready by now, I thought, so I point my mouse to "Adult Learner" and my finger hovers expectantly over the button. CLICK. But there's no information. "This area of the new LSC website is currently being developed," it says.

What about us?

Out of concern for my less adventurous Ferret friends,I thought I would see what NVQs are available in FE for ferret care. A quick internet search found nothing.It's a different story if you search for horse husbandry. Are ferrets not good enough for FE colleges? I shall be writing to my MP.

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