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Midnight oil burner

Don Short, agony uncle, answers your questions.

I am a newly-qualified teacher and completely swamped with work. I am also exhausted and wonder how I am going to cope. I live alone and don't have anyone to talk to about my problems. I am afraid that if I go to my line manager he will think that I am not up to the job.

I can't seem to keep up with the preparation and marking, and just when I think I've got time, I'm covering for a colleague or seeing a student. How long can this go on?

First, make use of one of a number of teacher helplines. Also, go to see your line manager. Arranging your day or week takes skill and energy. As you are an NQT, it may be within his powers to reduce your workload as you get used to the life. Also make sure you get some sleep and some advice on diet. I've sung the praises of bananas in the past and now it is time for sunflower seeds. They work miracles.

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