Ministers go poaching in London

The Scottish Executive has chosen to contrast teaching in London and in Scotland in a pound;250,000 recruitment campaign.

The first instalment of a media blitz across the UK this week (page 12) invites would-be teachers to consider two graphs in a maths exam paper representing Scotland and London and sets the question: "Calculate which is the nicer place to live." It adds: "Teach in Scotland and you could benefit from a healthier environment."

Those who make enquiries will be given details of opportunities of better pay and conditions through the chartered teacher scheme, the guaranteed one-year probationary placement which does not exist in England, the provision of classroom assistants in secondary as well as primary schools, the 35 hours for continuing professional development and specific limits on class sizes and contact time.

Peter Peacock, Education Minister, said: "Scotland is a great place to live and work and teach. Our teachers have hugely rewarding jobs with terms and conditions the envy of many. This recruitment drive will help spread the word about the many benefits of teaching in Scotland."

Mr Peacock told The TES Scotland he hoped the campaign would help the Scottish Executive meet its commitment to swell the number of teachers to 53,000 by 2007, leading to smaller classes and more personalised learning for every pupil.

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