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A minister's success story

YOUR report of my meeting with the Association of Colleges about the University for Industry got the story wrong (FE Focus, TES,September 22).

I did not resist calls to delay the launch of the UFI because there were no such calls. I did not send out the message "don't panic" because there is no panic.

The real story is that UFI is on course to deliver new learning opportunities to hundreds of thousands of new learners. It is an exciting and innovative project using the revolution in infomation and communications technologies to deliver opportunities to people who might otherwise be denied them. Research in pilot projects indicates that 24,577 learners have registered for a total of 50,830 learndirect courses this financial year and an independent survey concluded that 93 per cent of learners would recommend learndirect to someone like themselves. That is the story

Michael Wills

Minister for learning and technology

Department for Education and Employment

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