Minor offence or major crime?

I was interested to read that some parents protested at the raising of expectations regarding behaviour at Trinity academy, Doncaster (TES, January 6).

One parent was concerned that this would turn the pupils into "zombies" as pupils received sanctions for "minor offences" such as calling out in class.

I wonder what that parent's opinion would be if other pupils in their children's classes were allowed to drag the pace of the lessons by consistent interruptions?

Surely zombies are less likely to be found in briskly-paced lessons free of interruptions!

It is also these "minor offences" that can wear down teachers over time and turn them into near zombies.

I applaud Ian Brew, the principal, for bringing in the measure that will ensure that his staff and pupils will not be turned into zombies.

Steven Sivyer Deputy headteacher Brook education centre Parkfield Road Folkestone Kent

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