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Mirrorball debut

The Edinburgh-based film-makers SKAMM (Scottish Kids Are Making Movies) has received pound;12,000 from the Edinburgh Festivals Youth Development Fund to create a pop promotion video, its debut using 16mm film, for Edinburgh International Film Festival's Mirrorball programme.

In the absence of the band, Pest, a London-based, five-piece hip-hop act, SKAMM has set the film in a boardroom where the discussion is about ideas for a pop promo. Currie High pupil Lee Duncan says the idea does not require the band to be around for the shoot, which is being produced to accompany Pest's track "Jefferson Shuffle".

SKAMM is working with Dougal Wilson, who most recently produced the video for Benni Benassi's chart hit "Satisfaction".

"Jefferson Shuffle" is released on the Ninja Tune label and the video will be shown at the label's Mirrorball party on August 20 (chk). Other Mirrorball highlights include the first feature film from Jonas Akerlund, who made his name directing controversial pop videos for artists such as The Prodigy and Robbie Williams.

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