Misplaced faith in secular approach

IN her review of Spiritual Development in the State School by Professor Terence Copley (TES, April 21), Jane Erricker claims that Copley argues for a recovery of the Christian base to education as opposed to what she thinks is required:

"plural spirituality".

But Copley does not advocate a return to Christian spirituality in schools. He says that secular spirituality is a partial approach and that the resources of all the great religions need to be drawn upon in spiritual development.

So why did Erricker issue what looks like an aggressivly secular rebuke? Does she really think that Christian forms of spirituality are invalid in state schools?

It is strange that a teacher at a Christian college can write in such negative terms about the role of the faith in our schools.

Professor Adrian Thatcher

Dr Gordon McConville

Richard Wilkins

Association of Christian Teachers,


Nigel Goodrich

ACT Scotland

Guy Hordern

Member of Birmingham Standing Advisory Council on RE

Penny Thompson

RE Consultant

Crosby, Liverpool

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