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Missed the boat

I AGREE with M Anderson, whose letter (TES, January 26) talked about the "plight" of the in-betweenees - those of us who qualified just before golden hellos.

I started teaching in September 1999, having spent five penniless years as a single-parent mature student. It was well worth the effort and I love my job. I am also fortunate enough to have an appreciative head of faculty. However, I am also paying back student lons at pound;115 per month.

I was lucky in that my school rewarded "life experience and maturity" which pushed me up the salary scale but even so, it will be some years before threshold is an option. Now that new teachers are to receive "golden hellos" I am left feeling as if I missed the boat - surely we deserve something to keep us in the profession.

Diane Jarrett 13 Faultlands Close Nuneaton, Warkwickshire

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