The missing 14

IN his letter (TES, June 30) Dr Nicholas Tate criticises the previous week's story on key stage 2 marking and states that the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority found it necessary to dismiss 31 English markers last year.

I was surprised, as the Department for Education and Employment indicated to my MP, Derek Wyatt, that 45 KS2 English markers were removed last year, agreeing with The TES.

Dr Tate makes an assertion about the reliability of the tests based on review reques data. I would regard Dr Tate foolish were he to rely on such data as a measure of test reliability. To do so, Dr Tate would have to assume that all schools check returned papers. Schools have never been expected to do this.

Valerie Hayes

Assessment co-ordinator

Danley middle school

Sheerness, Kent

Editor writes: 45 was the figure provided by the Government in Parliament and confirmed to The TES by the QCA but the authority now says the number was 31.

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