Missing books

Friday June 30 2000 I WAS interested to read Hilary Wilce's informative article (Friday, June 23) on the Library Association's newly published guidelines which are to be sent to every primary school in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in an effort to cure patchy provision.

"In Scotland," she told us, "primary school guidelines have been in place since last year." She was referring to the SCCC's Taking a Closer Look at the School Library Resource Centre: Self-Evaluation using Performance Indicators and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities report on Standards for School Library Services in Scotland, both of which were publishedlate in 1999.

Since the publication of these guidelines, the Scottish Executive has rejected calls to make school library services statutory, preferring to entrust local authorities to deliver appropriate services.

The Cosla task force which produced the standards document was chaired by Councillor Elaine Murray of South Ayrshire. From March 31 this year, South Ayrshire ceased to provide a school library service for its primary schools. I can't help wondering where all those copies of the Cosla standards have been "placed" in South Ayrshire.

Jane Johnstone. Library consultant for schools Keir Hardie Drive, Ardrossan

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