Missing the point?

I am in my first year of an education foundation degree. I am finding it far too easy. I teach my own class of Year 5 SEN children and have stasrted (sic) doing the planning an (sic) preperation (sic) of lessons. I also wright (sic) reports on their progress and have input into their IEP's .

Would I qualiffie (sic) for a higher coause (sic)?

Not on the basis of your email to me. Your perception of what is easy, and that of your tutors, may be different. It may be that you are unable to see what is actually required in deceptively easy-looking assignments. At best, your email suggests a slapdash approach - you didn't seem to check for spelling and punctuation errors. At worst, you may be failing to grasp the complexities of teaching continuously for long periods of time. However, your first move should be to talk to the course leader and put your views to them. I am sure that they will be happy to discuss your concerns about the pace of the course and to determine whether you should be moved to a different one. However, you will need to make your case more cogently than in your email to me.

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