Mix-up ovcer marking

FRENCH GCSE tapes were sent to the wrong person to be marked. They were discovered only when he returned from holiday - just two days before results went out.

Gary Evans of Warrington had notified the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance exam board that he would not be marking this year but was sent eight marking packs over the summer. He only found the last pack, with submissions from 20 candidates, on Monday when he returned from holiday. He informed AQA, which picked up the pack that day. Mr Evans said: "If I had not returned from holiday when I did, what would have happened? I am concerned people not even marking exams are receiving them a few days before the publication of results."

An AQA spokesman said the mix-up occurred because there were two markers called Gary Evans. He said the tapes had been marked and the results issued on time.

The incident will fuel calls for the Government's exam watchdog to monitor boards more closely.

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