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Mobiles are a modern must;Letter

IN THESE days of the communication age I cannot understand why teachers are so badly provided for.

Why do they have to walk or run to get support? Why do they have to rely on sending children with messages? Surely all teachers should be issued with mobile phones.

This would mean that first aiders could be activated more rapidly; appropriate teachers could be called quickly to discipline problems both in the school buildings and in the grounds; teachers could be informed in advance that a child is being sent to them.

I am sure there are lots more benefits too. I think it is elementary. Teachers should have the tools to do the job (any other profession would have them). If the schools or LEAs provided the connection and when necessary a phone the teachers could be told not to give the number to anyone outside of school. This would mean all calls would be internal to the school. Inappropriate use - calling other staff who are teaching classes unnecessarily - could be easily monitored and guidelines issued.

I do think that in future a failure to ensure that teachers are adequately linked with other teachers and the school office will be seen as negligence given the implications for school safety, discipline and just plain efficiency.

Sarah R Mohon

676 Yarm Road

Egglescliffe, Stockton on Tees

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