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Mobilised over txt bullying

Hav U herd? Sum MP sez skools shd blok R mobiles wen we're in class. He sez fones R a good way 2 bully. Cheek! wot about R human rights then? If U wanted 2 bully some1 U wd do it at breaktime or after skool anyway.

And it's so unfair.

Teachrs fones won't be jammed, and I saw Miss txting her boyfriend in maths class last wk. Bet they'd walk out if their fones were cut off.

But I cant C it happening.

The MP sez it will cost pound;1.5m for 6 skools bt sum techie reckons Pounds 1.50 per fone.

Who needs GCSE maths to know those sums dont add up? But if the MP's price is rite skools will ban them not jam them.

U bovvered? I ain't bovvered. Know a good lawyer?

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