Mock wedding teaches faith

THE bride and groom face each other, exchange solemn vows to love and cherish one another and bring up their children as faithful Christians - and try desperately not to giggle.

The wedding party is composed entirely of Year 10 pupils, studying for RE GCSE at Afon Taf school, in Merthyr Tydfil, south Wales, where there is a newly-opened house of religions.

The house, believed to be the only one of its kind in the UK, has five rooms, each devoted to a different religion. In addition to the Christian chapel, there is a fully-equipped kosher kitchen. Islam is represented by an elaborate mosque room. Hinduism and Sikhism have dedicated temple rooms, while outside, in a landscaped garden, a statue of Buddha presides over a still pond.

Joanna Moore, 15, dressed in turquoise flounce, is serving as a bridesmaid at the wedding ceremony. "It's a lot better doing it, rather than reading about it in books," she said.

Adi Bloom

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