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Mocked by the London initiative

I AM currently undertaking initial teacher training under the Graduate Teacher Programme. In order to join the scheme I had to have an excellent degree, have experience in schools, a track record of independent study and a passion for teaching.

From day one I have had to plan, resource and teach, while squeezing a year's worth of study into weekends, evenings and non-contact times. I enjoy the work and challenge and I flatter myself that when I gain qualified teacher status the experience will make me a better teacher.

But then I read your article on the "Teach for London" initiative (TES, May 24). I want to commit myself to a teaching career but all I really need to do is go on a six to eight-week training course next summer and, hey presto, I am qualified.

By all means, give these graduates some classroom experience and some training but to award them qualified teacher status makes a mockery of my work.

Sara Hammick

79 Bridport Road

Dorchester, Dorset

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