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Mod studies - Revel in Reid's rhetoric

Secondary pupils are to be given access to the Glasgow University rectorial address given in 1972 by "Red Clydesider" turned journalist, Jimmy Reid, who died earlier this month.

The speech was described by the New York Times as "the greatest speech since President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address".

Now, in recognition of the political activist's contribution to Scotland, a new section on the Learning and Teaching Scotland educational website will host the speech. In addition, biographical and other material, including video and audio clips, will be brought together over the next few weeks to form a comprehensive learning resource.

Education Secretary Michael Russell said: "Jimmy used to say that he had to discover Scottish history for himself, as it was not taught to pupils of his generation. Fortunately, that is no longer true, but we always need to keep updating what is studied and read, and I have no doubt that Jimmy's vision, humanity and wisdom are a lesson to us all. They have great relevance to our past, present and future."

Comment, p22.

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