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Models of music-making

We are pleased to hear that primary children in some areas are receiving more singing opportunities as heads "buy in" musicians to free up class teachers ("Let them sing, as teachers prepare", TES, October 15). However, this is only one aspect of the requirements for a coherent music curriculum.

The Wider Opportunities initiatives, applauded by the Government, have provided the profession with models of high quality music-making experiences for whole primary classes. These incorporate sustained instrumental tuition and rely on effective partnerships between class teachers and visiting musicians, from within and outside music services.

It is essential that we do not lose this momentum for improving the quality of music-making in primary schools at the hands of yet another government initiative.

Leonora Davies Chair Music Education Council

54 Elm Road Hale, Cheshire

Derek Kitt Chair National Association of Music Educators

Colin Brackley-Jones Chief executive Federation of Music Services

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