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Modern foreign languages - Contributor of the week

CombertonVillageCollege has uploaded 734 modern foreign language resources covering primary and secondary French, Spanish and German. Impression, soleil levant de Claude Monet is one of its resources, which allows pupils to develop their own opinions in French through discussing the work of the artist Monet.

What is it?

A PowerPoint that encourages pupils to develop a range of skills, including:

- becoming familiar with the Impressionist form;

- practising "qui" and "que";

- expressing opinions, using "perhaps" and the conditional;

- writing their own description of a painting and their opinion of it.

How can it be used?

From a list of prompts, pupils select which phrases best apply to the painting; they are then tested on grammar. Writing tasks and a cloze slide finish the skills development activities, leading to a final written assessment. The PowerPoint also comes with answers that can be reviewed before class andor shown to pupils.

What else?

Alternatively, try the fun Umwelt Stunde 2 German PowerPoint, which uses an animated quiz and stepped activities to practise the use of the modal verb "sollen" in the context of environmental issues.

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