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Modern Foreign Languages - Contributor of the week

Leep into languages

A full-time language teacher since 1999, Leigh McClelland - aka TES Resources user Leepy - is an advanced skills teacher at Comberton Village College, Cambridgeshire. Her resources are designed to support language teaching in local primary schools and they include embedded video and audio, answers and notes for guidance.

What's included?

  • Dear Zoo and Very Hungry Caterpillar audiobooks, translated and developed into interactive PowerPoint presentations. Pupils are prompted to describe animals or to practise food vocabulary as they journey through the stories.
  • A city-by-city photographic tour of Spain.
  • A series of resources about festivals, helping pupils to express their opinions while learning about Spanish culture.
  • Multimedia presentations introducing pronunciation of vowels, with fun actions for pupils to mimic.
  • A series of presentations on numbers to help pupils understand time, dates and counting, including rhymes to remember the months of the year, cartoons, songs, tongue twisters and sayings to make sure no vocabulary is forgotten.

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