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Modern Foreign Languages - Resource of the week

Time-saving tips for language lessons

Time-saving tips for language lessons

What is it?

Teaching and Learning Ideas is a collection shared by teachers - full of time-saving tips. It has information on how to use PowerPoint more effectively, how to create plenaries without fuss, and how to use software such as Audacity.

How can it be used?

Most of these resources are suitable for developing teaching skills at secondary level, but some can be adapted to suit primary pupils. Download the files, adapt them, save them and tell us what you think.

What teachers say

On ChilePhilly's "Moving on in Powerpoint" resource, one teacher said: "Merci beaucoup! Just what I needed! Great and easy to follow." Another teacher added: "Awesome. Thank you. This will be excellent for one member of my department who doesn't have an IWB."

On rhawkes's "Plenary template", one contributor said: "This is a great time-saver. I can use it for lots of activities in any subject. Very clear for my pupils, all of whom have learning difficulties."

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